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It’s law enforcement brutality in some cases; racial profiling or maybe even political harassment in others. One or both of you may have had a bad day and it’d just be unfortunate road rage or a neighbor dispute if one of you weren’t a police officer or deputy sheriff.

The specifics vary, but the basic scenario is the same and amounts to Predatory Policing. That’s when volatile U.S. law enforcement officers cover up their unbecoming conduct if not outright criminality by inciting, then arresting people they’re paid to protect and serve, sometimes using weapons and great physical force in the process.

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PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:  Louisiana United International, Inc. (LUI), a nonprofit social justice organization, is conducting an informal survey of Louisiana residents as part of its grassroots campaign against Predatory Policing.  LUI's Co-founder and CEO, Belinda Parker-Brown, describes Predatory Policing as a form of law enforcement bullying and extortion.  On the linked video, you can hear Parker-Brown encouraging widespread participation in LUI's related community survey.

Louisiana Residents:

Please take part in our

Community Survey

Have you been

arrested or charged with

Resisting Arrest?

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